Soul Work

"Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion, to reach the stars, to change the world."

Harriet Tubman

Soul work is one of those terms that clinical world allows for a variation of meaning. The following is how Soul Work is defined at Starlight Counseling.


The story of the 3 little pigs is a story of Soul Work. There were 3 pigs who ventured off to explore life. They needed somewhere to live so they built homes. One pig built his home of straw. One pig built his home of sticks. One pig built his home of bricks.

All of the pigs knew the big bad wolf was coming and he came.

The wolf went to the house of straw, blew the straw away with ease and devoured the pig. The wolf went to the house of sticks, tore the house up and gobbled the pig down. Then the wolf went to the house of bricks.

Though the wolf exhaled strong hurricane force huff and puff it was not enough to compete with bricks, mortar and concrete. After using all of his strength he used his head and imitated Santa Claus, sliding down the chimney. This pig who knew the wolf was coming with brute strength and slithering wicked cunning, was ready. The wolf ruined a fine hot cauldron of vegan gumbo in his vicious descend and was sent to the cemetery, win for the pig.


The victory was bitter sweet as the pig will forever remember and miss the ones he lost. With Soul Work he was able to achieve Action Packed Living; and he did live; happily ever after.

In this story the pigs did what we all are called to do; create. The pigs created houses for a similar reason however the houses they created were different. There are 3 possible reasons the pigs created the house they did:

1. They reflected what was inside of them. In this instance the pigs homes reflected who they were. They build based of how they viewed themselves. The range was from the weakness of the straw to the strength of the bricks.

Lesson: Be mindful of how you see yourself

2. They we only will to put a certain energy into creating there home. In this instance the pigs knew what should have been done. In the case of the pigs who built their house out of straw and sticks they did not act on what they knew. Either they were lazy or preoccupied with other worries of life.

Lesson: Apply your knowledge.

3. They used their best knowledge. In this instance they pig had varying levels of knowledge and used what they knew the best they could. The result was the straw pigs PhD in straw construction was not relevant to what life had in store for him.

Lesson: Acquire relevant knowledge.


Thorough Soul Work you can achieve Action Packed Living. To begin schedule a visit today.

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